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About Me

I’m Michelle, a full-time wedding photographer currently based out of a little town outside of Edmonton, not far from some of the classic picturesque mountains of Alberta, Canada. I first became interested in photography as a teenager, playing with film cameras and experimenting with photo shoots, but it was not until my own experience with my wedding photography that I discovered my love for photography and decided to pursue it as a career. Since then, I have been traveling the globe with my husband–from the gentle slopes of the mountains of Banff to the coasts of Croatia—learning the ways of travel, photography, and the beautiful combination of the two. Together, and through all my travels, I have built this business one photographic adventure at a time.

Of all the adventures I have been on, the best have been the ones where I get to capture the moments when two people commit the rest of their lives to each other through life’s greatest adventure: marriage. My photography on those adventures is driven by the authenticity of my subjects, the intimacy of the moments, and the adaptability of the process. I don’t follow a script or have a list of pre-planned poses. Instead, I follow a feeling and watch for natural connections and movement. For me, it’s all about capturing the intimate, romantic, adventurous, fun, and unexpected moments between you and your love. I have found that time and time again I am drawn to the wildly romantic couples with wildly romantic ideas for their photographs.

When I’m not making travel plans for my next adventure, you can find me at home in Alberta, Canada where my husband and I live and explore.


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